Coating and Laminating Applications

Formaldehyde is used as a wet strength resin in paper coating for architectural finish applications, and a fiber relaxer in fabric coating applications.

  • Substitute paper coating resins can be made from polyamide, polyamine, epichlorohydrin and acrylic, as well as polyurethane dispersions. Some of these alternatives pose health concerns. Additional research is needed.
  • Formaldehyde resins have been used to improve the wrinkle resistance of garments. However, due to the formaldehyde off-gassing and emission issues, replacements are being investigated. Alternatives that are showing some efficacy include phosphinocarboxylic acid, maleic acid and sodium hypophosphite. Other possible alternatives include glyoxal resins, butane tetracarboxylic acid, and polymeric carboxylic acid/citric acid.


Fuente: TURI Toxics Use Reduction Institute